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C2 & PÓSSE: Inner-City Heroes (pronounced Cee-Squared) is an action adventure series about a musical group of four teenagers who fight for truth and justice in a futuristic, post-modern society.

While visiting the Museum of Natural Mystery, a group of teens from the inner city get kidnapped by covert agents of an evil empire called the Intergalactic Legion of Evil (ILOE), and find themselves... Caught in the Mix!

Later they discover that this evil empire with its ILOE Trooper Androids, Covert agents and technology destroyed life on all the planets in our solar system.... now earth is their next target.

With their special talents and a host of futuristic gadgets - these youth set out to save humanity from destruction by the hands of ILOE.

Each action-packed adventure challenges C2 & PÓSSE to develop their CODES4LIFE to overcome obstacles and defeat the enemy.

It shows that what is most powerful in achieving a goal is the development of one's own unique gifts and talents.

C2 & PÓSSE celebrates diversity as all-important and essential for the collective good.  

Four pages of the Guided Reading Lesson Plan for Episode 4 are available as a free download from the download section of this website.

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